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Would you like a greater understanding of our Christian beliefs? Are you looking to strengthen the foundations of your faith? This is a 1 day foundational course looks at th the major topics of our Christian faith. We look at the salvation process and how that spiritually and practically works out in our lives both at a personal level and with those around us.


South West exists to “Make STRONG Christians to serve God throughout the whole world”. How do we do outwork this mission? What makes us uniquely South West. What do we believe and how can you be a part of fulfilling the mission? CHURCH is our 1 day course that answers these questions whilst looking at the heritage, mission, culture and values of our CHURCH and how they make this CHURCH unique. If you are new to South West or have never completed our CHURCH course than we would love you to join us.


The core of our journey of faith is our relationship with God: the two way communication, really experiencing who He is, knowing Himintimately. In this 1 day course we will look at how God speaks, how we hear and the way our souls are wired to connect to Him. You will walk away with some of the skills you need to help transform your relationship with God and to enable you to not only know about God but to experience Him in a whole new way.


Do you wonder what God‘s purpose is for your life? Would you like to find and fulfil your unique purpose? PURPOSE is a 1 day STRONG foundations course that will help you discover how you are wired to not only serve God but to do so in a way that makes you “feel alive“. This course is perfect for those who are investigating for the first time or seeking to re-clarify how their SHAPE (Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experience) works with their PURPOSE.